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With over 20 years of experience in both the private and public sectors, founder Mitchel J. Hoffman has conducted thousands of investigations. Mr. Hoffman has provided investigation work for numerous international insurance carriers, top-tier law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and high-net-worth individuals involving both criminal and civil related matters.

Unum Investigations, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality investigative services with a commitment to excellence that is unmatched in the industry. Mr. Hoffman understands that each case is uniquely important, and he takes a personal and involved approach to every investigation he conducts. Each client receives the highest level of professionalism and competence in how their case is handled as Mr. Hoffman intentionally does not utilize subcontractors and purposely chooses not to employ lesser experienced individuals.

Unum Investigations is centrally headquartered in Greenwich, CT and provides services throughout New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. This location ensures extremely efficient and effective solutions delivery to all Unum clients in the tri-state region.

Surveillance Focused Investigative Services

Workers’ Compensation-Disability Related Matters

Insurance Liability Concerns

Infidelity Questions

Family-Domestic Law

Specialized Litigation & General File Support

General Corporate & Business Related Matters


Falsely Claimed School District Enrollment Fraud

Background and Certificates

With a notable background in the military, law enforcement and special operations, founder Mitchel J. Hoffman is a true expert in providing and conducting investigation services. Mr. Hoffman has earned two master's degrees along with several certificates in investigative services including being a Certified Fraud Examiner, a board certified Professional Certified Investigator, and a Certified Forensic Interviewer. He has also completed an Employee Relations and Investigations Certificate from Cornell University.

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