The Unum Difference
Personalized Private Investigative Services in NY, CT, & NJ

If you’re looking to hire a private investigator, you need to know who you’re working with. At Unum Investigations, you can trust that I will be the one handling your file directly. My commitment to this one-on-one approach is central to the Unum difference and how I intentionally operate in stark contrast to most investigations firms.

Prioritizing Transparency

Each state has its own private investigator licensing requirements, regulations, and steps to complete before issuing a private investigator license to an individual or business entity. Consequently, most private investigators and investigations companies are just licensed in one state and claim they are the “biggest” and have “national coverage” when, really, they’re just using subcontracted or part-time licensed private investigators to perform work in the various other states that they are not licensed in. As the client, you may have no idea that the work you hired the local firm to perform in other states is possibly being done by an entity that has no relationship or loyalty to you.

Unum works differently. Unless transparently discussed and mutually agreed upon with a client, I will not subcontract any aspect of my clientele's needs to another investigative firm or service provider. 

A Singular Investigative Partner

It is common practice that hired “apprentices”, “field investigators” or “employees” work under the owner’s main license umbrella. These “apprentices” are not individually licensed private investigators, could be earning low wages and may have zero experience, formal training, education, or knowledge of the tradecraft of surveillance and investigative techniques. Drawing on my past direct observations and experience, I can assure you that these “apprentices” typically don’t care about what happens with your file and are not truly invested in providing you with the answers and evidence you seek. Is that who you want out in the field, working your file?

I will ALWAYS work your file directly. I do not have any other “investigators”, “apprentices”, or employees working for me. This also affords me the ability to handle the most extreme private and sensitive matters on behalf of my clients while ensuring their trust and confidence is well guarded

I believe a client should directly receive the value and dedication that they are paying for.

Specialized Investigative Services in New York, New Jersey, & CT

Many investigative companies have names that end with misleading “Global”, “Group”, or “Nationwide” extensions. These companies claim that they do everything and that they do it everywhere. They want to cast a wide net to reel in clientele and appear that there is nothing that they aren’t capable of. If you hire a private investigations firm to handle all of these vastly different specialized fields, chances are, the work may be subcontracted out.

I serve a very niche clientele and their high-end needs. I have no interest in purporting to be a “specialist” and “expert” in services that I do not directly provide myself. I typically do not take on any other type of work outside of my listed services. However, if you feel that you have any other issue or type of file that you’d like my assistance with, feel free to contact me and we will discuss if I may be of service.

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