Investigative Services

I am an expert at surveillance, counter surveillance, and extremely sensitive employee related corporate investigations. These types of investigations are a tradecraft consisting of compiling unique skills that are honed as a result of multiple years of experience. I offer robust surveillance focused solutions to the following types of narrowly focused files:

Workers’ Compensation-Disability Related Matters

Providing confirmation of the severity of injuries (or lack thereof) claimed by an individual and supporting the defense of the insurer's interests.

Insurance Liability Concerns

Whether it is a slip and fall accident, an auto liability matter or any other type of general insurance file, I can assist in protecting the insurers bottom line.

Infidelity Questions

Suspicion of cheating and confirming concerns of an affair, a cheating spouse, or a dishonest relationship partner of any type.

Family-Domestic Law

Child custody, child abuse, and other domestic and family law related issues including prenuptial agreement and other general pre and post marriage related investigations (including cohabitation related alimony payment adjustments).

Specialized Litigation & General File Support

I have a great deal of experience liaising with elite attorneys and prestigious law firms throughout the tri-state area in both specialized litigation matters and general file support with regard to any of the above-described areas of my practice. I am available to engage directly with the attorney themselves, or directly with the represented entity at the recommendation of their attorney. If you are an attorney, please feel free to contact me to see if I may be of service.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord-tenant disputes, non-occupancy/false primary residence mortgage fraud issues.

Falsely claimed school district enrollment fraud

Student residency enrollment fraud files.

False Primary Occupancy Mortgagee Fraud

Assistance in determining who may or may not be residing within a claimed primary residence. Results could provide the ability to defend homeowners' insurance claims and also could assist mortgage companies in determining accurate monetary responsibilities.

Non-Surveillance Services

On the non-surveillance side, I am available to engage with an extremely select clientele as an external source to provide neutral, ethical, and unbiased internal employee and vendor relations investigations in any industry. This is ideal for my clientele as the use of an external independent investigator is necessary to ensure fairness, objectivity, and confidentiality; all of which combine to ensure a credible investigation and assist in shielding the employing entity from claims of bias, harassment or of a hostile work environment.

Services provided under this vertical include:

  • Formal interviews and interrogations of a sensitive nature
  • General and non-accounting related due-diligence
  • Covert/undercover investigations
  • Evaluating and detailing employee or vendor misconduct
  • Performance, procedure, and security related audits of any type

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